Saturday, 20 February 2021

Southport Leasehold Scandal

Many people are still suffering the consequences of the scandalous wave of leasehold selling that left many leasehold buyers paying charges that other homeowners would not expect to pay. Campaigners have convinced the government that this must be stopped but legislation is slow in coming.

Friday, 19 February 2021

Britain in a Post-Brexit, Post- Trump world.

The Social Liberal Forum’s highly successful online programme continues on Monday 22nd February with Britain in a Post-Trump, Post-Brexit World. Our two guests are William Wallace and Professor Anand Menon.  You can register for free by following this link to the SLF website Britain in a Post-Trump, post-Brexit World - Social Liberal Forum

Professor Anand Menon is the Director of the UK in a Changing Europe and Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at Kings College, London.

This will be a wide ranging discussion about the UK, its foreign policy and relations, the projection of its soft power.  Is Global Britain more than just a sound bite?  How should the UK promote its foreign policy objectives? What should they be? Is there room for a distinctive liberal vision?

There SLF has published a couple of important articles that are relevant to this discussion. Richard Corbett, formerly Leader of the Labour Group in the European Parliament, explains why the Brexit arrangements are far from complete. He draws attention to the fact that almost nothing is settled for services (80% of the UK economy). Looking at financial services: in the next months, the unresolved issue of access for British financial services to the EU market will come to a head.  At stake are thousands of jobs and billions of pounds of tax revenue. 

Stephen Farry, the Alliance MP for North Down, has also written about Brexit and the implications of the Northern Ireland protocol. Brexit, he tells us, has destabilised an already fragile Northern Ireland. The Alliance Party did not advocate the Protocol. They opposed the Withdrawal Agreement, including the Protocol, when it was voted upon in both the House of Commons and the European Parliament. Better options existed for addressing the particular challenges posed to Northern Ireland from Brexit. 

If you have not logged on to any of the SLF online events take a look at our last webinar- Vince Cable in discussion with TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady exploring Priorities for a New Economy - Social Liberal Forum

In the coming weeks the SLF has planned more online events, we very much hope you will be able to join us.


The staggering losses suffered by the Council tax payers of Sefton related to The Strand

One of the many concerns we have about this irresponsible gamble is the amount of secrecy that surround the project. This is not the only issue where it is difficult for elected Councillors to get their hands on the information they need to do their job. I will post more fully about the staggering costs of this ill fated project.

John Pugh has made a short video about the long sad sage of The Strand and the millions it has cost the citizens of the borough.