Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Southport Councillor launches new book: ‘Four Go In Search of Big Ideas’

A new book was launched in Southport this week. Iain Brodie Browne was one of four people who came together to seek out ‘big ideas’.
Iain explained: ‘We are angry and frustrated about the state of politics in Britain, it is too short term, too tribal and fails to face up to some of the big challenges that confront our nation and our planet. I am pleased to contribute an essay and to be one of the four who produced the book.

The new book, which is available from Broadhurst’s Bookshop in Southport, attempts to look at some of those issues. We approached people from across the progressive political spectrum to contribute. I am pleased that we got an excellent response. Independent academics, politicians from different parties and none were involved, they put aside party differences to discuss important issues.

As the introduction to the book, Four Go in Search of Big Ideas, makes clear that ya-boo culture in politics is stopping progress:

‘Challenging conventional wisdom is hard work, particularly when it’s embedded in public opinion or party stereotypes. We need to break down the barriers between political tribes which inhibit open discussion on big policy issues such as those addressed in this book. Many of these ideas are broadly shared by people of a progressive perspective across party boundaries. Our goal is not just to win political office and to manage the system within the constraints of existing opinions and prejudices. We want to create a shared analysis of problems and a new political narrative so that we can forge a new future based on very different attitudes.’
Please support Broadhurst’s our local independent bookshop, but if for any reason you can’t get there the book is online at

Contributors include:
Vince Cable
Norman Warner (Minister of Health in the last Labour Government
Helen Flynn, Chair of the Social Liberal Forum
Ed Davey ( Lib Dem and formerly Secretary of State for the Environment and Climate change)
Professor David Howarth Cambridge Univeristy
Richard Corbett Lab MEP and Leader of the Labour Group at the European Parliament
Professor Alex Marsh University of Bristol
Stuart White Fellow at Jesus College Oxford
Rebecca Taylor formerly Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire
Edward Robinson on Climate Change

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