Friday, 3 November 2017

First Lib by election win in Southport since 1938

What a great result!  Whilst anyone who had done any canvassing felt John was going to win few expected him to scoop 56 % of the vote.   This was our first by-election GAIN in Southport since December 1938 when a certain Simms Mitchell (of who more on another occasion) won the Talbot Ward by-election. Simms came from a strong Methodist family and his Mother right up to her death in the early 1960s was a prominent member of the Southport Woman's Liberal Association.

Simms said he owed his victory, at least in in part to the Tory candidate, a Mr Hague who upset the Temperance vote-and you did that at your peril in Southport in those days. Hague’s election slogan was “Don’t be vague vote for Hague” which was based on the whisky advert. Needless to say, this did not go down well with the Temperance folk!


  1. Well done John. I hope Lord Bonkers wine cellar helped him along .LoL

  2. This is a good start for our ppc when the election comes round. I think campaigning on our policies both local and national should now be sold to the voter for feedback


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