Monday, 11 September 2017

Thank you for the help you gave me 20 years ago says women at Lib Dem surgery

Cllr Hands and I were at our monthly surgery in the Redbrick Chapel on Liverpool Rd -as we usually are on the first Saturday of the month -when we were greeted by a women keen for our help. She began: "20 years ago you helped me and now the problem has returned. Can you help me again? Thankfully she was looking at Cllr Hands when she spoke, because I freely admit I could not place her.

True to form Richard engaged with the women and after some reminiscing  the problem was identified and a plan of action agreed.

We've been holding regular surgeries in Birkdale since 1980 so there is scope for someone to come along and test our memories from further back-mind you there are some folk who have better long term memories, Now where did I put my car keys

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