Thursday, 11 May 2017

Time there was a women with the Freedom of the Borough in Sefton , sign the petition

Please support this petition to make Jean Alexander the first individual women to be given the Freedom of the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton. Follow this link to SeftonSays to sign the petition.
When I became Mayor of  Sefton a year ago I had a little list of things I wanted to do. I had a vision that the Mayoralty could reach out and confer civic recognition and thanks to people in our community who have often been excluded. I was delighted to be the first Mayor to visit the Mosque, to host the first civic reception for the LGBT+ people, visit projects for the people who are homeless and to hold a reception to mark World Mental Health Day.
One item on my little list I have not ticked off. I sometimes sit in the Mayor's Parlour and look at the list of those who have had the Freedom of the Borough conferred on them. After 40 years there is not one women's name. I have politely pointed this out and made a firm suggestion to the powers that be. I got no response. I think now is the time that this should be rectified. 

Since the Sefton was established in 1974 only soldiers and sportsmen have been given the highest honour that the borough can bestow. Surely there are people from the Arts, Science, Industry, Academia and other walks of life who deserve this recognition. Above all else surely there are women who deserve this honour.

Sign the petition here

Jean Alexander was an active citizen of the borough as well as being known to British television viewers as Hilda Ogden in the soap opera Coronation Street, a role she played from 1964 until 1987, and also as Auntie Wainwright in the long-running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine from 1988 to 2010. For her role in Coronation Street, she won the 1985 Royal Television Society Award for Best Performance, and received a 1988 BAFTA TV Award nomination for Best Actress.

When I responded to the vote of thanks moved at the Mayor Making for the new Mayor I once again drew attention to this omission. I informed the new Mayor that I would be moving a motion at the next meeting of the Council that no more men should be added to the list until there is an equal number of women. I went on to propose that the first women to be granted this honour should be the late Jean Alexander. Jean lived in the borough for many years and was well known in the area. Her fame came from her role as a TV actress, she was for 23 year Hilda Ogden in Granada Television's Coronation Street. During her acting career she has received many accolades. It is surely time that her home town honoured her.

Sign the petition here
1st LGBT+ reception
with the Imam and Rabbi
Christmas Day serving lunch at homeless shelter

engaging with employers on World Mental Health Day

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