Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Interesting email from COMPASS



Richmond By-election

Dear Iain, 

A progressive alliance isn’t something we build for the future, but something we can create right now. Zac Goldsmith has given us a chance in Richmond Park – we must take it. Today Compass is issuing the following statement calling on Labour and the Greens to give the Liberal Democrats a clear run in the by-election:

The Richmond Park by-election is a huge progressive opportunity. Zac Goldsmith ran a racially divisive campaign for the London mayoralty, and was staunchly in favour of the Leave side in this year’s referendum. Now, his decision to trigger this latest contest – in which he is the de facto Tory candidate - offers a chance to reject the politics of division, reduce the Tories’ already slender majority, oppose “hard” Brexit in a seat that was overwhelming remain - and show what can happen when progressive parties work together, not against each other.
This is why we are calling on the progressive parties to get round the table and agree which has the maximum chance of defeating the Tories. The Lib Dems held the seat until 2005, and in 2010 won 43% of the vote – and the result of the Witney by-election suggests they could win in Richmond Park, if other progressive parties agree not to run competing candidates that simply wastes votes and let the Tories in.
We call on the Liberal Democrats to select an anti-third runway candidate and reflect the pro-European views of the 70% in the seat who voted for remain. There now needs to be active negotiations between the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens that includes a reciprocal alliance when the next appropriate local or national election occurs. This is the best way to ensure competing candidates do not run and let the Tories in.

We know this is tough on local parties that want to use by-elections to become more visible. The need to act this way is entirely the product of our toxic electoral system that ensures the majority of voters are now simply ignored. There are some occasions when bigger issues are at stake.

There is a precedent. Such an alliance worked in Tatton in 1997 when the progressive parties put the national interest before party interest and stood down to defeat the Tories. It is such a moment once more.
This is a huge political moment and we urge you to get the message out – please Tweet and get on Facebook - the Tories can and must be defeated In Richmond Park.
If you live in Richmond and are interested in helping Compass organise a local meeting ahead of the by-election, please get in touch. And if you can, please donate to support us in building a progressive alliance. 
Very best,

The Compass Management Committee

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