Thursday, 6 October 2016

Birkdale Liberal Club remembered on the anniversary of Baron de Forest's death

This morning the Liberal History Group tweeted: ON THIS DAY 6th October 1968:

The Baron fought one of the 1910 elections in Southport where his Jewish antecedence played a large part in the Tory campaign Their candidate was a Col White, so you cannimagine the use that was made of his name in contrast to the foreign sounding Maurice de Forest.  

The postcard picture of the club was found in the Grosvenor Road garage  of a  Mr Williamson some years ago. I think his father was on the committee of the Birkdale Liberal Club. (The garage also had a copy of Lloyd Georges 1929 Manifesto We Can Conquer Unemployment which has featured on the blog before) The Coulton’s bread shop will be familiar to  people in Birkdale . A delivery boy  with a large basket used to deliver a loaf to local residents each week. The children in the area used to run after him shouting” Coulton’s Bread is as hard as lead people who eat it drop down dead “ I think the bakery was in Upper Aughton Road.
Birkdale Liberal Club 1910 General Election
The reference to CB on one of the posters  is Charles Brumm who was a leading Birkdale Liberal whose German ancestry caused him to resign the Presidency of the party in  September1914.

The Birkdale Liberal Club did not sell intoxicants but I think there was an arrangement whereby those wanted to could bring in alcohol.

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