Tuesday, 5 April 2016

KGV the ongoing crisis -time to look for a local solution

Councillor Tony Dawson and I have supported dozens of parents and students during the past four years of KGV College's troubles. This is the statement Tony released yesterday:
"When I saw this in the paper, I thought it was an April Fool item. After all, we were assured by the Funding Council at the end of last year that things were getting better. One does wonder if the Funding Council is really fit for purpose, also.
"KGV College is in a managerial mess and has been for a number of years. There is a continuing culture of secrecy which means that important reports and important papers are not publicly available as they are in colleges up and down the country.

"The principal problem right now is funding. There are nowhere near enough students enrolled. So, the numbers just do not add up. 

"KGV had a proud history both as a school and as a sixth form college: two of my brothers attended there. But it is unfortunately now totally unanswerable to the people who matter - the parents of the children attending our town's primary and secondary schools. Due to government meddling, the College has no kind of accountability to these parents' elected representatives either.
"Merger with Hugh Baird might well be an option but it is surely not the only option or the obvious option. Southport parents and teachers, particularly head teachers, need to be involved in consultations and discussions about the best way forward. We have the highly-successful Southport College just a mile up the road and we have highly-successful secondary schools including one right next door to KGV. We also have Runshaw College which appears to be the present destination of choice for hundreds of Southport sixth formers. 

There is no obvious logic to merging with a college in a town many miles from Southport. It must be recognised that the positioning of KGV makes it a natural option for hundreds of students from West Lancashire as well as Southport and Formby."

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