Friday, 8 May 2015

Lib Dems storm home in Birkdale despite counting farce-

The count for Birkdale was much delayed and for a while we couldn't understand why until a super sleuth journalist got to the bottom of the story. Apparently a couple of UKIP guests to the count had arrived, and it being their first count didn't know the procedure. They proceeded to sit down at the Birkdale table and for some time helped to count the votes. Upon discovery we had to start all over again and had the equivalent of four recounts as they struggled to reconcile the votes.

This count had the tightest 'security' I have ever encountered: letters, passes, and photo ID's required to get in. It goes to show that all the petty bureaucratic procedure do not add up to security-rather like ID cards and DBS's . A sound dose of common sense is required rather than relying on officious procedures.

Anyway when the wait was over and accompanied by the noise of tables being dismantled we finally got the declaration it was worth waiting for a big Lib Dem win for Simon Shaw

video by Samuel B Shaw

Birkdale - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
Simon ShawLiberal Democrats221633%Elected
Poppy Elise JonesConservative Party137421%Not elected
Allen FergusonUnited Kingdom Independence Party136021%Not elected
Ged WrightThe Labour Party135120%Not elected
Tony YoungThe Green Party3185%Not elected


  1. Congratulations to Simon and the team. Well deserved, and hard worked for.

  2. Hello Iain. Well done to Simon. One of the positive aspects of counts in Southport is the civility of candidates and activists from all sides. Long may it continue!

  3. Congratulations to a friend from years ago - a most impressive majority. (I held a little Cotswold District Council seat on Thursday, but only by 200 and with no UKIP or Labour) best wishes Simon from Patrick Coleman

  4. Hi Patrick, good to hear from you and congratulations. I guess we are back where we were when you were a delegate from Personchester ULS. I will make sure Simon knows of your congratulations

  5. Hi Ged, It was good to see you at the count. I hope we shall be comrades in arms in the Euro referendum campaign and that you will join us in defending the Human Rights Act-which ,incidentally, is only still on the statute book because we blocked the Tories when they wanted to abolish it. The first of many things they will now feel free to do.


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