Saturday, 24 May 2014

UKIP routed:Christiana Hartley and national chair of Liberal youth rally the voters

I should start by saying that Liberal Youth chair Sarah Harding was my agent and we devised a plan to rally people behind our vision of a tolerant and free society and in opposition to UKIP's backward looking stance.

Listen to the punters on the doorstep, that is my advice. I was canvassing Eastbourne Rd one cold and wet evening at the beginning of the campaign. A young man came to the door, we chatted and he volunteered that he just couldn't comprehend UKIP especially relating to gay people -'get over it'. I tried this out on every young person I met and it became clear that UKIP we generally seen as stuck in the past and that their vision of the past was not an attractive one. And so Sarah's letter to young people was born delivered in hand addressed envelopes to every young person we could identify under 24 years old

The next group we identified who rejected UKIP message were women -especially those who had done higher education-and Birkdale has a greater number of them than the rest of the town. And so it came to pass that Christiana Hartley Southport's first female Mayor made a welcome reappearance on a Liberal leaflet after an absence of 80 years. It is said that when she became Mayor 'trepidation' was felt among her male colleagues.Our data base wizard's ( aka Cllr Dan Lewis) identified our target names and off we went.

The number crunching still needs to be done but our very strong impression is that the strategy worked. Our result is here


  1. A shame then that Southport's Lib Dem MP voted against the Health in pregnancy grant and equal marriage. I assume that was all Bootle Labour's fault!

  2. Hi Ged, good to catch up with you at the count. Only the most churlish and tribal Labour supporter would not acknowledge the big part Lib Dems (esp Lynne Featherstone) played in achieving equal marriage- whatever the MP's in Bootle and Southport did. Nobody could reasonably doubt where I and my agent stood on the issue.

  3. True enough and yes it was good to see you too, both at the count and afterwards.

  4. .....indeed and when the time comes I look forward to campaigning with you for a yes vote in a referendum !


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