Friday, 28 February 2014

Shirley Williams come to Southport

Shirley will be at Southport tonight to speak at our fundraising dinner. The tickets have sold like the proverbial hot cakes, thanks in no small part to Pat Keith's hard work.

Recently Robert Milligan popped into the office in Shakespeare Street. Robert volunteered on day one of the 1983 General Election. He was brilliant. He ran 'front of house' meeting and greeting all comers and sorting out deliveries. Robert had been tidying up and come across a file from 1983 including a batch of photographs.

The first photo is of a previous visit to Southport by Shirley. We are stood outside the old cinema facing the Lord Street Gardens waiting for David Steel. He was late. When I say late I'm not talking 5 or 10 minutes, I mean late. A size-able crowd had gathered and so Shirley and I started the meeting. I think it is the longest public meeting I've ever spoken at. Fortunately we did not disagree too much. The main area of contention was the so called British independent deterrent
Finally Steel arrived and Robert captured the moment. Over Steel shoulder you can see Pratap Chitnis. He was the genius behind the Orpington by election victory and was a prime mover in the Liberal Party Local Government Department that recruited Michael Meadowcroft from Southport. In many ways he was the first of a line including John Spellar, Andrew Ellis and Chris Rennard .
I will return to the folder of photos and leaflets that Robert dropped off which included Shaun Brady's election literature-and if you are reading this Robert ; thank you.

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