Thursday, 17 October 2013

New equipment at Carr Lane Rec

New outdoor gym equipment has arrived at Carr Lane Rec. Some little while ago the old play equipment had to be removed as it had become dangerous.
When I went to look at the four pieces of apparatus this evening I was delighted to see a family from Ranleigh Drive using it. The Mum was most impressed and her daughter energetically tried out a particularly demanding exercise routine.

An independent evaluation by Liverpool John Moores University is now completed. In summary the results are positive and suggest that “providing outdoor gym equipment is a promising approach to increasing physical activity that may reduce some of the complex barriers to taking part in exercise”.

We had a chat with the family who had moved into Ranleigh Dr seven years ago. They wanted to know if they lived ion Birkdale and we were able to reassure them. The Birkdale boundary extends down Heathfield Rd to Mill Lane. In recent times houses south of Carr Lane have been in Ainsdale Ward for local government purposes.

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