Thursday, 3 October 2013

Another expensive disaster by Bootle Lab councillor

They keep coming-the revelations about Merseytravel under Mark Dowd's leadership. Todays iun the Daily Post:

An investigaton is underway into why £2m of Merseyside taxpayers’ money was spent on Beatles memorabilia that turned out to be worth only £300,000.
The Post can reveal that items, including a pair of John Lennon’s glasses and George Harrison’s first guitar,  bought by Merseytravel in 2008 have been revalued and found to be worth only £300,000 –  £1.7m less than the original valuation.
And the Post has learned that lawyers for the passenger transport authority – which bought the Beatles Story museum in the Capital of Culture year – had raised concerns over the valuation at the time.
They warned of a potential “conflict of interest” because the person who valued the items had previously been a fellow company director of the person selling the memorabilia.

Not a word of apology from those involved.In significant part this is down to the way Dowd ran the authority. There was no effective scrutiny. When opposition councillors raised concerns the Chief Exec authorised expensive lawyers to be retained to 'see off' criticism. The Labour Party  has been pusillanimous when dealing with this issue. Dowd still sits as a Councillor and his colleagues describe official reports as 'tawdry' For other strories -they are under the Merseytravel label

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