Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pier -latest after survey, section closed to pedestrians

I've had many requests for imformation about the Pier. The up to date position as I understand it is outlined below. I will post more as I get it. I received this report earlier this evening:

Just to advise that following identification of the problem as part of a routine inspection, a full survey of the pier has found that 14no cast iron columns have been affected by vertical splits. Our consultants are considering the cause of the splits and will advise tomorrow.

Around 11 of the columns affected are clustered a significant distance out. As a result, on our consultants advice, until we ascertain cause of the cracks, we have restricted pedestrian access to approximately half way along the pier, before the cluster of affected columns.

I will receive an update tomorrow which will ascertain whether or not we need to restrict pedestrian access for longer. It does appear that the tram will be suspended until remedial work is agreed and at least part implemented.

We will ensure that any necessary repairs are carried out as quickly as possible so as to minimise impact but of course, Public Safety must take precedence.

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