Saturday, 20 July 2013

Keeping 3 Public Libraries in Bootle but only 1 in Southport is outrageous

Keeping 3 Public Libraries in Bootle but only 1 in Southport is outrageous

However the Bootle Labour cabinet try to spin their decision leaving only one Public Library in the Southport  constituency whilst keeping three open in Bootle is wrong. It displays Labour’s priorities and their contempt for our town. (The two constituencies have the same population)

Far more books are borrowed from the branch Libraries in Southport that Labour want to close than the ones in Bootle they are keeping open.

Many residents will be more than two miles from a library especially (but not only) those in Crossens and Ainsdale .

The arrangements for disability access –which is excellent at Birkdale, one of the libraries the are axing-are completely inappropriate at the one remaining site

Vast numbers of Southport people have volunteered to support our Library service, they have been snubbed. If there had been political will a partnership between volunteers and the library service could have kept our libraries open.

The lack of imagination, the unwillingness to adopt new ways of working has destroyed the library service. This is not about money, this about political will. Look around at how much Sefton Council is wasting. Look at the millions of Council Tax payments that have been wasted by Merseytravel with is extravagant new £5million a year offices  Check out the links to see the extravagant way the Bootle Labour leader of the ITA squandered millions on what the Daily Post described as 'vanity projects' and what the auditor said. Please note Sefton Labour Leaders dismissed all the independent findings as 'tawdry' .

Labour have wasted millions and are now cutting our libraries . If they had not wasted so much we would not be in this mess.
 The Lib Dem group will continue to challenge this outrageous discussion at every opportunity

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  1. Iain, I despair at the way Sefton Council is now being run by Bootle Councillors for Bootle. The previous all-party administration was far from perfect and it certainly had its strains but no part of the Borough held sway over any other part. Since Labour snatched control those of us outside of Bootle can clearly go hang!


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