Sunday, 2 June 2013

In these parts the Battle of the Atlantic has been properly remembered in recent days. The Cathedral hosted a grand Memorial Service, but what caught my eye was the bell-ringing. Last week over on Kew Focus Mike Booth reported   : On 19th May 2013, a peal of 5040 changes in 2 hours and 54 minutes was made at St Helen's, Parish Church of Sefton. This was to congratulate my ward colleague Councillor Maureen Fearn on being installed as Mayor of Sefton for the third time. The first person to achieve this.

I fancy our good friend Ray Woods had something to do with that. I know he was involved in a special peal of bells to mark the Battle of the Atlantic. The report of that reads like a cipher from a spy novel written in an unknown language:
5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor 
No. 3 
2345  F  T  W  H 
3245     s  2  - 
5342        -   
2435  -     3  3 
5243     s       
3425  -     3  3 
Repeat twice. 
First peal of Minor on the bells and complete peals of Cambridge from Minor to Maximus on the bells

The thought that bell ringers notation could be a cipher is hardly new, it appear most famously in Dorothy L Sayers Nine Taylors, but like most people- I suspect-I skipped the the bit about the bell ringing....

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