Friday, 28 June 2013

Birkdale Irrigation Allotment site breaking news

Over many years people have been concerned that the allotment site established by Birkdale UDC would be sold. That fear grew last year when West Lancs were identifying land on the Birkdale boundary for inclusion in their Development Plan.

A little homework was called for. It was clear that the allotment site was a statutory site established by the 1906 government and as such would need the Sec of State's permission to release it. (We owe the site to Ebeneezer Baxendale of this Parish who tirelessly campaigned to force Birkdale Council to provide a site in accordance with the legislation)  We further know that the land was negotiated from Scarisbrick Hall Estate.  When was slightly unclear was on what basis the council held the land. If West Lancs wanted to include the site in their plan then they need permission of the landowner to do so and their agreement that it can be built on. A couple of weeks back we got confirmation that Sefton owned the freehold. The next stage was to head off any suggestion that the council would agree to having the land included in West Lancs plan AND to undertake not to sell the land. Mission was accomplished last night at the Full Council meeting when my colleague Richard Hand received written assurances that the Council would not sell.

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