Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stop wasting money on renting offices -use the empty Town Hall

John Pugh and IBB outside the Town Hall
The ruling Bootle Labour cabal at Sefton council are keen to pile on to  Southport residents extra taxes. We will soon have the Green Wheelie Bin Tax- a flat tax of £46, then we have the massive hike in car parking charges aimed at bring in £500,000 which will hit Southport's economy hard-85% of all parking charges are paid in Southport.

So here are a few ways the could save some money. Southport Town Hall has been practically empty for months. I have raised this several times. I am repeated told there are no plans to close the building down. So why is it so empty for so long? And why do the Council continue to rent high cost offices elsewhere in the town? It is a waste of our money. I've heard some daft excuses in my time but when I was told that the offices were the wrong shape, I despair. Have they changed shape since the council moved all the lawyers and the committee clerks to Bootle. No.

Another couple of  ways to save money:

Cut the number of Councillors

Cut the generous allowances for the 7 member cabinet (all of whom come from Bootle)

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  1. it is disgraceful how we the people of Southport, should be made to pay extra tax, and higher parking charges, to support other parts of the borough, while they waist money on office space that is not needed as they have the space already, and are road, pavements in and around, are left in very bad shape, sinking, potholed, cracked

    Firstly they should stop wasting money and use the office space at the Southport town hall

    Secondly they should not expect the good people of Southport to pay extra tax's and charges

    I for one would want a vote to move Southport back in to Lancashire

    Charles' Janes Brook Road, Southport


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