Thursday, 2 May 2013

Esterson lots of noise -no apology or denial

Clearly Bill Esterson has been taking lessons at Mark Dowd's school of charm and open accountability  on how to handle bad news- talk loudly about anything else to try and drown out the story. Don't apologise,don't explain. The fact the man has a little 'previous' must also be ignored.

I have a small wager about how The Champion will report the story-if at all.

Remember the stick James Parnell-who we should acknowledge was a politician of real substance-was treated for a similar offence


Bill Esterson is the Labour Member of Parliament for Sefton Central.

In 2012 Bill's website posted a story about an unsafe road in Formby (a place in his constituency.)

In 2013 an article appeared on the same website urging residents to attend an exhibition on proposed windfarm plans.
Look closely at the pictures in the articles. You'll notice something strange...



The man in the second picture is one Cllr Steve McGinnity. A local Labour Party Councillor.

Now, it's obvious that one of two things have happened here.

Either, Bill Esterson (and Cllr Peter Macguire - far right) managed to turn up exactly in the same place a year later, wearing exactly the same clothes, making exactly the same pose, not mentioning that light seems to bend around Bill on to Steve McGinnity.


More likely, just like a Labour politician before him, Bill has put himself at the heart of a photoshop scandal.

Do Labour think we're fools? When they photoshop themselves in pictures can they be trusted with anything?

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