Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Correcting Tim Farron and the Southport Visiter

The History Editor of the Blog has contacted me.

I notice that once again some inaccuracies are creeping into the stories about Ronnie's 50 years. Oddly they are the same inaccuracies. Tim Farron writing in the Dictionary of Liberal Biography  and the Southport Visiter both allege that when Ronnie was elected he was one of only three Liberal members of the Council. He was not. He was one of 27!  Both stories go on to say that in a few months he became Leader. Well actually it was 84 months.

I'm not sure who is responsible for these attempts to re-write history. It is a bit like someone editing a wikipedia entry. Those who suffer are those excellent Liberals who kept the flame of Liberalism alive in those difficult days. They were a resilient bunch and their example still inspires us. Madge and Sam Goldberg -pacifist, CND supporters and the original Mr Southport , Jack Smith Hughes, the barrister who won Birkdale West and was already well known and respected for his work with the Cretan resistance in WW2, Jack Coleman the PPC and senior Exec at Pilkingtons who was a firm and impressive advocate of European membership and Co Ownership , Joan, his wife, was Chair and President of the local party, Bob Hughes who was the Leader and a journalist on the Southport Guardian and who later went on to be an Editor and newspaper proprietor and many more besides

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