Monday, 20 May 2013

Bonkers, loons and co education

Lord Bonkers was drawing our attention to The Telegraph story that Tory members were defecting to UKIP because of the so-called 'loons' smear.

Now given Farage's reception in Scotland and given my distaste for banding around derogatory remarks usually aimed at people with mental ill health I got to thinking about loons

It is, as I pointed out to his lordship, a perfectly good Scots word defined as: loun [lun]
n. A youth, boy, fellow, rascal.
dim. lounielounock(ie)

You can hear it here in a poem, Co Education by John C Milne,  written in the 'doric' the characteristic speech of the NE of Scotland. The poems is read by my mother and recorded 20 years ago. She had known John Milne before WW2 in Aberdeen. She died several weeks after recording this and a number of other poems in her native speech.

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