Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bootle Labour impose 'Green Wheelie Bin Tax' on Southport


Once again the ruling Labour clique in Bootle are seeking to imposing a 'tax' that will chiefly be paid by people living in Southport and by very few people in Bootle. This is on top of their proposals for an extra 'parking tax' 80% of which will be collected in Southport and once again few people in Bootle will have to pay.

What makes matters worse is that they are using these new 'Southport Only Taxes' to fund such schemes as the building of a new Library in the Bootle constituency whilst seeking to close down three libraries in Southport! Local residents will be rightly angry about such moves as the three Libraries ear marked by Labour for closure and amongst the most heavily used in the borough and the new one in Bootle is one of the least used! * see figures at bottom of page

Sefton Council’s plan to charge for collecting green waste – currently subject to consultation until 14 June – has come under attack from Birkdale Lib Dem Councillor Simon Shaw. Until last May, when Labour gained overall control, Simon was Cabinet Member Environmental on the Council, including responsibility for refuse collection.

"I think the Bootle Labour-dominated Cabinet are making a big mistake in proposing to charge for green waste,” says Simon.

“The suggestion is that the charge could be around £46 a year. That is going to put a lot of people off. In fact the working assumption on the part of the Council is that over 70% of households will give up their green bin.”

“I am seriously worried it could end up actually costing the Council money, rather than saving the £1 million a year that the Labour Party hope."

"The reason is that green bin garden waste costs the Council far less to dispose of than the grey bin general waste. There is a serious danger that a majority of people will abandon their green bin if they have to pay nearly £2 a time to have it emptied. If a lot of those regularly place amounts of heavy garden waste in their grey bins then the tonnage going off to expensive landfill will rocket. That will cost the Council money, as well as being bad news for the environment."

"Overall it is a bad idea, which is why Lib Dems opposed it."

Local Lib Dems are encouraging as many concerned residents as possible to respond to the consultation, which has over a month still to run, at


Items issued
Ainsdale 89,949 -       earmarked for closure in Southport
Birkdale  152,066-     earmarked for closure in Southport
Churchtown  113,201 -earmarked for closure in Southport

Netherton  35,017 -new build in Bootle


  1. "a 'tax' that will chiefly be paid by people living in Southport and by very few people in Bootle"

    Please explain why and how this will e true.

  2. How, quite simply because where as almost everyone-no matter how modest- in Southport has a green wheelie bin there are relatively few in Bootle, and because 80% of money paid to Sefton for parking charges is levied in Southport. They haven't installed money parking meters in Bootle.

  3. Could you provide a list of the councillors who approved this decision? Or a link to the relevant minutes? i cant seem to find this information on the council's website.I want to ensure I don't accidentally vote for them

  4. Yes. I will put up a link shortly when I get the time to track it down. The decision was made at the full Budget Council and was part of Labour's proposals. All Lib Dems voted against it.

  5. Below is the link to the Councilmeeting that approved the budget. The Labour group voted for it and the Lib Dems oppossed it.

  6. If anyone looks at the consultation, there are only options on how much you are prepared to pay. There is no £Zero option.


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