Friday, 15 February 2013

New Police Inspector for Birkdale

I have received the following letter from the new Police Inspector for Birkdale Nigel Stewart: who we welcome:

I know I have spoken to some of you at various meetings, but I would just

like to formally update you all as to the fact that Diane Prosser, who had

been posted as the Neighbourhood Inspector in replacement of Jim Atherton,

has now been offered a full time position in the Police Federation. As a

result of this the Area Commander for Sefton has decided to give me the

opportunity, and made me the Acting Inspector for the Neighbourhood.

Obviously I am delighted and relish the challenge, saying that I do not

intend to do anything other than continue the hard work and commitment to

the area which Inspector Atherton displayed.

To support me in the role, Acting Sergeant Barry Scraggs has been posted to

the Team and is a very welcome addition. Barry is a qualified Sergeant,

who is currently going through the promotion process and hence this is an

excellent opportunity for him also. Barry has previous experience of

working in this area, as he was part of the Op Beachsafe Team in 2010.

Obviously in the past 20 months as the Neighbourhood Sergeant I have

learned that working in partnership with you is key to the success that Jim

had and intend to continue this to the full.

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