Saturday, 10 November 2012

Horwood revolts over 'a nasty, vindictive little clause'-Osborne so called employee ownership

At 7.53pm Martin Horwood 5th November (Lib Dem Cheltenham) spoke in the Government's Growth and Infrastructure Bill Column 663.  Below is his thoughts on Osborne's daft suggestion on employees being asked to swap their employment rights for the illusion of ownership

Then we come to the extraordinary clause 23. I proposed a policy on employee ownership and workplace democracy to this year’s Liberal Democrat conference. I would strongly commend the contents of that and its many recommendations to Government, including the option to bid for employee ownership at the time of transfer of an undertaking, which we believe could result in a step change in employee ownership. However, we strangely overlooked the need to link that to the trashing of people’s employment rights. Why should we remove the right to request training, when we are supposed to support training? Why should we allow more unfair dismissal, when we support fairness? Why should we remove the right just to request flexible working, when we are supposed to support flexible working? I have worked in business, and I have employed many people, and I have never found it very motivating to threaten my team’s employment rights. These rights have never deterred me from employing anybody. This looks like a nasty, vindictive little clause and Ministers should chop it out completely.

Martin's website records:

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood has voted against the government's Growth & Infrastructure Bill tonight (Monday 5 November)...................

Martin commented: 'None of the ideas in this hastily-written bill were in either coalition party's manifesto or in the Coalition agreement. The planning proposals will disempower local communities and cause enormous resentment. The attack on people's employment rights is vindictive and reminiscent of the discredited Beecroft report favoured by George Osborne. This bill is unworthy of a government that has championed localism, fairness and the environment and I would encourage ministers to quickly, quietly drop it.'

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