Monday, 3 September 2012

Lib MP gives agent solid silver cup as thank you

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
As a 'thank you' for all his hard work the Liberal MP for Southport presented his agent with a handsomely engraved silver salver. I was John Pugh M.P.'s agent when he first won Southport but sadly it was not me who got given the 120 ounce silver salver.

The MP was another John, J M Astbury KC, who fought and won the seat in 1906 and his agent was the legendary A. Keith Durham.

 Now I must make clear I do not hold a grudge against John Pugh for failing to give me such a lavish gift. When I fought the seat in 1983 I didn't give my agent a cup either.

John and I are pictured with a solid silver cup weighing 76.6ounces with is engraved:

To Mr and Mrs A. Keith Durham 
in grateful recognition of their
contribution to the Liberal Victory in the Southport Division 1906 from their sincere friend 
J M Astbury

The cup arrived on my doorstep last week in a cardboard box addressed to Connard's a long established Jeweller in Lord St Southport . ( I have a fairly shrewd idea who left it). Michael Braham's definitive history of Southport Liberals-The first 100 years- records:

On 24th January, from the balcony of the Cambridge Hall (now renamed The Atkinson) admist a scene of unparralled excitement, the following announcemnt was made:
J M Astbury 6 603
E M Hall     6 367

As the Southport Liberal Associating Annual report noted, 'Liberalism achieved a magnificent victory and Southport Division once more vindicated its right place among those constituencies where the principles of justice and reform hold sway over class, privilege and political reaction'

The question is begged whether the 120 ounce silver salver he received was in addition to the 76 ounce cup? 

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