Sunday, 19 August 2012

Flooding in Birkdale

Posted by PicasaWhen it rains heavily in Birkdale the same streets have problems. I am not here referring to an overflowing drain that clears by itself but significant flooding and the fear that the rain water is mixing with the foul drain. Essex Rd has been badly hit as has Guildford Rd. Southport MP John Pugh has been out and about meeting residents and has working hard to get United Utilities and the Council to act .

I am informed that the problem in Essex Road has been responsible for flooding on at least five occasions during the past decade.  Enquiries made by by John, has provided information that there is, apparently, a substantial 'bid' in place with the Environment Agency to allow Sefton MBC to obtain a grant to divert the street water away from the present watercourse between in Essex Road, and to connect the street drains entirely to a street drain network along neighbouring roads. 

The problem with this 'solution' is that this bid has been in existence for a number of years, yet has not been approved for a date for action with the earliest likelihood of action appearing to currently be in 2014.  This is far too long to wait residents' fears that there is every likelihood that they will be flooded again one or more times before such action might be taken.  There does not even seem any certainty that this work will be given priority.

John has written to the Environment Agency urging them strongly to consider providing the funding to permit work to commence at the earliest possible date. We believe  that these families, who can no longer get home insurance cover against flooding, have experienced much more than 'enough' misery due to this problem in recent years.

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