Friday, 13 July 2012

Quote of the day from Elliot Dodds in The Unservile State

Oliver Smedley and others had left the Liberal Party and set up the IEA by the time the Grimond revival had got going properly. The publication of the Unservile State in 1957 was the manifesto of the revival and as is pointed out in the introductary chapter it was the first full scale book on the attitudes and policies of British Liberalism since the 1928 Yellow Book,

I was much taken by this passage from Elliot Dodd's chapter:

The business of Liberals today is to show by a practical and relevant how Liberty and Welfare can be consistently pursued with the aim of giving  'more abundant life' to the individual person-Liberty conceived as not merely freedom from restrictions, but as the enlargement of scope for the exercise of responsible citizenship: Welfare conceived, not merely as cash and comfort, but as providing opportunity for moral,intellectual and cultural development such as is frustrated when men are obsessedby anxiety about the bare business of living; and both encouraging adventure, experiment, colour, variety and eccentricity. Thus may Liberals re-establish themselves in their natural position as the acknowledged leaders of the Left.

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