Thursday, 5 July 2012

Percy Vole and the freemasons

Somewhere back in the archive there is a copy of a Southport Liberal newspaper circa 1962 which mercilessly sends up the the Tory MP Sir Ian Percival. My memory is that Jack Smith Hughes was involved. There were very few Liberal Associations who reached that level of campaigning -Chris Renard was scarcely in short trousers.  It was certainly more vicious than anything we would put out today. The editors pet name for Percival was Percy Vole. This came to mind when David. Tattersall drew to my attention a passage in Chris Mullins book:

Another Mullin nugget from his political diaries (1994-1999) "A Walk On Part" at a time when he chaired the Home Affairs Select Committee and succeeded in getting it to investigate Freemasons, with his own personal interest in police lodges and similar.
 19 February 1997. "We had our first Freemason to the select committee this afternoon.  Sir Ian Percival, a former Solicitor General.  An amiable, complacent old buffer who assured us that everything was for the best in this best of all possible worlds.  I managed to get under his skin and he accused me of being smug, which is a bit rich."

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