Tuesday, 19 June 2012

redefining liberalism

It has been fascinating to follow Gladstone's Library (St Deniol's) as it seeks to redefine Liberalism. Little snippets have been leaked from their sojourn at the Hay Festival where hundreds of people filled in their 'liberalism' voting cards'. I guess a summary will appear shortly on their blog devoted to the project .http://redefiningliberalism.blogspot.co.uk/

The contribution from pollster Peter Kellner -who was a 'don't know'  seemed to think we were useful people to have around ...................

'I am a Liberal because I desire earnestly the advancement of the people morally, intellectually, and materially, by the redress of all wrongs that fall upon the weak, and the removal of all obstacles that stand in the way of the true happiness of men'

That little gem from Andrew Reid, Why I am a Liberal (1885)


  1. Beware a politician with one foot in the past.

    You appear to have both.

    I'd rather politicians had their sights on the future.

  2. I find it a tad strange that you make this comment in relation to a posting about 'redefining liberalism' which is clearly a project that looks to the future and making the message relevant to a new generation.


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