Monday, 18 June 2012

Merseytravel Alliance Signals Good Governance

Extraordinary circumstance require extraordinary reactions. John Dodd approached me a while back to discuss how best to take things forward on the 'Scandal hit' Merseystravel. Labour's record at the transport authority is an embarrassment to almost everyone. Some credit does rebound to the Labour rebels who finally took on Mark Dowd but we must ask; what took you so long? Loyalty to the Labour Party or sheer funk stayed their hand for too many years at great loss to the tax payers and to the reputation of local government. Next time there is a proposal to give extra powers to local government  you can imagine the mandarins of Whitehall whispering in the Minister's ear; 'Remember Mark Dowd and how he ran Merseytravel......' 

Anyway John has responded to the shenanigans bravely and constructively. He and Andrew Makinson have raised many matters of concern over a long period. Sadly Labour were not as supportive as we would wish. Today John has issued this statement

Cllr John Dodd, Sefton Liberal Democrats' representative on Merseytravel and Cllr Les Rowlands, the Wirral Conservative representative have formed an alliance group on Merseytravel: 'Merseytravel Alliance Signals Good Governance'. Cllr Rowlands says: "We have formed this alliance from two political parties to assist in bringing Merseytravel's governance into the twenty first century."

Cllr Dodd adds: "Merseytravel needs to be more open and transparent In its dealings and not make decisions behind closed doors. We will be scrutinising closely and ensuring that Merseytravel can continue to be a leader in the field of providing local transport for the benefit of the public as a whole on Merseyside."
The Lib Dem and Tory councillors are particularly concerned about Merseytravel's recent move to new luxury offices near the Pier Head.
"We need to look closely at how Merseytravel came to make this decision," says Cllr Dodd, "and the advice which was received."
The new Alliance will be looking for the new chair after the AGM of the Authority on 28th June, to give an assurance of good governance for the future.
Cllr Rowland says: "We will be looking to the new chair of Merseytravel to call for a full Inquiry, by an independent body, into the issues raised in the report which was received by the District Auditor. Merseytravel, itself, needs to look closely at how all these decisions have been made and to ensure systems are put in place to ensure good governance for the future. " 


  1. That's great.

    But why didn't the Lib Dem-Tory Merseytravel Alliance call itself the Merseytravel Coalition?

    Not embarrassed by the national Tory-Lib Dem Coalition government are we?

  2. This is an alliance for a purpose ie good governance on Merseytravel. It is clear that this is essential and not even the Labour Party is pretending any longer that it doesn't need fixing

  3. Isn't a coalition supposed to be for a purpose?

    So surely coalition would be the better term. A coalition of Tory-Lib Dem partners.

    The National Tory-Lib Dem Coalition has delivered a lot - trebled tuition fees, the privatisation of the NHS, public sector jobs slashed, Sefton Council budget slashed, etc, etc, etc.

    Again I ask, you're not ashamed of the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition government are we?

  4. No I'm not ashamed of the national coalition-which is not to say that I agree with everything that it does! In that regard I'm in the same boat as many Labour folk who didn't agree with their government about tuition fees, PFI schemes, the sweetheart deals for the private sector in the NHS, the failure to build council houses, immigration, the illegal war in Iraq (and the general toadying up to Bush)it's failure to nationalise the banks at an earlier stage in the crisis,the failure to tax mega rich folk-the Labour tax rate was lower than this governement's, the failure to tax non doms, the bizarre attempt to spend their way out of a boom....

    ...which bring us to the debt which you seem to ignore.
    The reality is the Coalition has so slowed down its original deficit reduction programme that it is now less stringent than Alistair Darling’s. Yes, that’s right — the Coalition’s fiscal plans under David Cameron are looser than Labour’s fiscal plans were under Gordon Brown:

  5. But it's not working, sir.

    Your Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has increased the nation's debt while sending unemployment rocketing and consigning a generation to the dole queue.


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