Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Deeper crisis at merseytravel- time for dithering is long since past

I warned at the Southport area committee last week that the impact of the Labour infighting at Merseytravel was set to jeopardise investment in our region's transport infrastructure. If you were the government you would think twice before handing over more money to an organisation with Merseytravel's record of poor governance-not to mention the spending decisions they have taken. I know there is more to come. The Daily Post this morning has a new angle on the story:

The crisis engulfing Merseytravel follows revelations that millions of pounds had been spent on consultants without proper tendering for the work.

District auditor (DA) Julian Farmer said the authority could have problems showing it had spent the money properly.

His letter followed the distribution of a highly critical report by Labour councillors on Merseytravel – authored by Cllr Joe Hanson from Liverpool council – about governance at the organisation under the leadership of Cllr Dowd and departed chief executive Neil Scales.

Concern crisis will hurt reputation

OFFICIALS at Merseytravel are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact the crisis in the authority is having on its reputation.

Merseytravel is run by an executive of officials but overseen by an authority controlled by councillors elected to the region’s five district councils.

Usually the two parts operate in tandem, but a source said the two were being split by the row within the ruling Labour party.

The row flared up after a report written by Cllr Joe Hanson into the governance of the organisation was circulated.

According to correspondence seen by us, the executive demanded this report be deemed not to have official status. But this has not happened.

Early in May legal director Louise Outram emailed the clerk to the authority Steve Maddox, outlining the concerns of the executive, of which acting chief executive Jim Barclay is in charge.

In that email she explains the fears of the executive about Cllr Hanson’s report, the contents of which were set to be published in the The Liverpool Post.

The Post published a story which revealed a catalogue of failures.

In the email Ms Outram says that the executive wants the authority to acknowledge that Cllr Hanson’s report "is not the review of the executive as anticipated by the authority and that this document has no official status".
That has not happened.

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