Friday, 25 May 2012

Merseytravel-time to get some straight answers..

Cllr Dowd prevented Sefton Council properly challenging the appointment of Cllr Dowd to Merseytravel . First he deferred the decision to cabinet away from full council thus preventing debate and then he blocked members of the council using the  procedures laid down in the constitution to review such appointment when he made it at Cabinet. This was done on the bizarre assertion of a Lab appointee of Cllr Dowd's who claimed it was an urgent matter. Pause for incredulity. The AGM of Merseytravel is on 26 June, there is another cabinet before then. The urgency was packing the Labour group meeting so Dowd can continue as chair of the authority.

I turned up to cabinet as Leader of the Opposition determined to speak on the issue. Cllr Dowd would not let me-I spoke up anyway!

The back ground to the factional infighting within Merseytravel could fill a book. Indeed scores photocopied pages have been delivered to me. In the main these are the work of Cllr Joe Hanson from Liverpool who in some details outlines allegation-which if true (and insiders believe that they have the ring of truth to them) -are devastating. The report has been sent to the Leader of the Labour group on Sefton Councillor Dowd. No adequate attempt has been made to answer these allegation. Some of the issues are outlined here but there are more and I'm sure that they will emerge before the AGM

No  wonder Cllr Dowd wants to stifle debate about his brother. We need a public inquiry so that
these issues cannot be buried. We do not want our local authorities to be run the way Mersytravel has been with no proper accountability. I am gobsmacked the Labour party nationally has not stepped in to sort the situation.

Lord Mike Storey has called for an inquiry as has Esther McVey MP. I have discussed the matter with Southport MP John Pugh and agreed an action plan.

It is odd how many folk have compared Dowd M to Murdoch. I suspect that just as the Levison inquiry has led us to some murky places so would an independent review of Merseytravel.

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