Thursday, 17 May 2012

Twa dogs and their political perspective

Now if dogs could talk, what would they say about their owners? It's not an original though, Robbie Burns certainly had in back in the 18th century

Posted by PicasaIn the midst of all the hectic election activity in April it was good to hear from the Birkdale blogs old friend Roy Connell, He wrote to say, well let him speak for himself:

...... the reason I am contacting you is that there have been no Dog blogs of recent times  , so perhaps you could consider this one . We lost Rosie in October , one of your first dogs on your blog and a special with the Leader!! , Beth and I have now acquired a replacement called Chester.
He is a rescue Lab 3 years old and the very same colour as Rosie . We only picked him up on Friday  , and yesterday as I was looking though his pedigree chart to my amazement I spotted that Rosie's dad ( Reeza Milky Way) is Chester's Great Grandad !!! how spooky is that , Chester's pedigree name is Melting in the Sun( that's what Chocolate does ).

Tony Robertson with Rosie in November 2008.

Both are better behaved than my Welsh Terrier Toby who got out this afternoon and turned up at the Vets in High Park! Thanks to Mrs Whelan (address unknown) for rescuing him

I really should know better than begin to blog about animals. Last time I did this people sent me in all manner of photos of politicians dogs. I shall stick to Southport only this time and bring you Mike Booth (Kew Ward) and his twa dogs which he and Clare can regularly be seen exercising-poop a scoop bag in hand.
Now who has the 'honest, sonsie, baws'nt face' and whose nights are ' unquiet, lang, an' restless' I'll leave you to judge.

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