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Details of Southport Lib Dem brilliant results-discuss the reasons

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First up my Candidate Richard Hands who stormed home with a healthy majority against impressive opposition. Well done Richard!
Birkdale - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Richard Ronald HandsLiberal Democrats122539%Elected
 Terry John DurranceUnited Kingdom Independence Party70722%Not elected
 Ged WrightThe Labour Party68822%Not elected
 Nigel David Clifford BallConservative Party55517%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes3175
Num. ballot papers issued3175
Share of the votes (%)
Richard Ronald Hands 39%Elected
Terry John Durrance 22%Not elected
Ged Wright 22%Not elected
Nigel David Clifford Ball 17%Not elected

Next up our first gain of the night Pat Keith in Cambridge Ward- a seat we failed to win last year. A enormous swing from the Tory. Pat got twice as many votes as the next candidate. Well done Pat

Cambridge - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Pat KeithLiberal Democrats145942%Elected
 Cath ReganConservative Party73421%Not elected
 Gordon Alan FergusonUnited Kingdom Independence Party72021%Not elected
 Muriel Annie LangleyThe Labour Party56616%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes3479
Num. ballot papers issued3479
Share of the votes (%)
Pat Keith 42%Elected
Cath Regan 21%Not elected
Gordon Alan Ferguson 21%Not elected
Muriel Annie Langley 16%Not elected

Our second gain of the night. We have never ever won Dukes ward before. This was amazing. More analysis to follow. Frankly to see the collapse in the Tory vote and the faces of their supporters after so many years of easy victories......marvellous.  Well done Tony.

Dukes - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Tony DawsonLiberal Democrats99630%Elected
 Bob AyresConservative Party82725%Not elected
 Peter Joseph GaffneyThe Labour Party47314%Not elected
 John Charles Lyon-TaylorUnited Kingdom Independence Party39012%Not elected
 Harry ForsterThe Southport Party35911%Not elected
 David PearsonIndependent2889%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes3333
Num. ballot papers issued3333
Share of the votes (%)
Tony Dawson 30%Elected
Bob Ayres 25%Not elected
Peter Joseph Gaffney 14%Not elected
John Charles Lyon-Taylor 12%Not elected
Harry Forster 11%Not elected
David Pearson 9%Not elected
Now there was some anxiety in the camp about Meols but we should know by know that hard working councillors like John Dodd who fought an excellent Focus campaign was going to safe but this surpassed even the highest expectations. Well done Meals ward team

Meols - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 John DoddLiberal Democrats132740%Elected
 Sarah JacksonConservative Party60018%Not elected
 Maureen StokerThe Labour Party56017%Not elected
 Margaret BrownThe Southport Party48915%Not elected
 Patricia Elaine ShanksUnited Kingdom Independence Party37211%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes3348
Num. ballot papers issued3348
Share of the votes (%)
John Dodd 40%Elected
Sarah Jackson 18%Not elected
Maureen Stoker 17%Not elected
Margaret Brown 15%Not elected
Patricia Elaine Shanks 11%Not elected

Labour let us know that this was their top target. Our team responded with possibly their best campaign in a generation. Ronnie has now been an elected councillor for 50 years!
Norwood - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Ronnie FearnLiberal Democrats121539%Elected
 Lesley DelvesThe Labour Party82027%Not elected
 Jacqueline Anne BarlowThe Southport Party55518%Not elected
 Graham CampbellConservative Party34311%Not elected
 Neville David GrundyThe Green Party1475%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes3080
Num. ballot papers issued3080
Share of the votes (%)
Ronnie Fearn 39%Elected
Lesley Delves 27%Not elected
Jacqueline Anne Barlow 18%Not elected
Graham Campbell 11%Not elected
Neville David Grundy 5%Not elected
Kew -another seat where Labour dared to hope and we had another Fearn to see them off. The Kew team chalks up another victory. Well done.

Kew - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Maureen FearnLiberal Democrats102837%Elected
 Janet Catherine HarrisonThe Labour Party80029%Not elected
 Michael Cedric LewtasUnited Kingdom Independence Party57821%Not elected
 Chris CrossConservative Party39014%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes2796
Num. ballot papers issued2796
Share of the votes (%)
Maureen Fearn 37%Elected
Janet Catherine Harrison 29%Not elected
Michael Cedric Lewtas 21%Not elected
Chris Cross 14%Not elected
Finally Lynne in Ainsdale. Well done. Our targeting strategy worked. Lynne and Haydn kept their second place and worked hard. Their campaign benefited us all. A great contribution. Many thanks 
Ainsdale - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Ted HartillConservative Party144638%Elected
 Lynne ThompsonLiberal Democrats86923%Not elected
 Stephen James JowettThe Labour Party65317%Not elected
 Jim DoyleUnited Kingdom Independence Party62417%Not elected
 Barbara Ann DuttonThe Green Party1805%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes3772
Num. ballot papers issued3772
Share of the votes (%)
Ted Hartill 38%Elected
Lynne Thompson 23%Not elected
Stephen James Jowett 17%Not elected
Jim Doyle 17%Not elected
Barbara Ann Dutton 5%Not elected
Later today we will begin to examine the causes of our success. Watch out for the Pugh effect. An excellent campaigner whose hard work and principled stand on tuition fees, the health reforms and the economic situation has marked him out as a robustly independent MP and a real electoral asset 


  1. This is why I think you did well compared with other areas

    1.You work very Hard
    2.You have full time staff (due to MP) which helps keep the voluntary workers well advised and focussed
    3 .You were fighting the Tories mostly not Labour (and even if Labour tried hard its not exactly a long term target for them)
    4.You are the established Anti Tory Party
    5. UKIP are well established and appeal to Colonel Blimp Type Southport Tories

    1. These results are the best ever recorded in Southport by Liberals/ Lib Dems.

      In 1962, when we were in an unofficial pact with Labour, we won 9 out of 10 seats but all but one of those contests were straight fights with the Tories. Labour stood in the other five wards.
      We won 8 out of nine sears the following year when all were straight fights.

      Having stood five times in Dukes Ward and twice in Birkdale West in the Southport County Borough Council Tony Dawson`s success was particularly sweet.

  2. It was good to chat to you at the count. I hope to be back in there again in two years time!

  3. Hi Ged, I look forward to seeing you there-though I have no doubt our paths will cross before then! It could be an interesting two years..........

  4. This is a great set of results and needed more national publicity. Should be required reading to lift the spirits of any depressed local party as it shows hard work and commitment still has beneficial effect

  5. If you could come North and advise how to fight what is effectively a 3 way marginal between Labour, the Conservatives & the SNP with us languishing far behind in 4th that would be great.

  6. Colin and Nic thanks for your comments. Tempting though it is to come up to Ayr we shall have to pass. All our energies are focussed in Southport. We need to carry on campaigning and not get distracted.

  7. Brilliant stuff ! well done, Iain, and all the Southport Team. I agree with Colin ! Keep it coming, and as you say, avoid any temptation to get distracted from focussing all your energies in Southport, especially in the lead-up to May 2014. All the best, Julian Heather, Streatham (a Young Liberal contemporary of yours - good to have met again over tea at Spring Conference !)


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