Saturday, 10 March 2012

Recycling bid-Birkdale Councillors takes the lead

Councillor backs £250m green fund for SeftonCardboard and plastic collections in Sefton
A BIRKDALE councillor wants to see Sefton bid for a share of a £250m recycling fund.

Earlier this year Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities 
and Local Government, announced the Weekly Collection Support Scheme.

Councillor Simon Shaw, who is cabinet member for environment, hopes 
Sefton lodges a successful bid for the grant so Southport homeowners can
begin recycling cardboard and plastic from their doorsteps.

Cllr Shaw (Lib Dem) said: “I am very aware that there is strong 
public support locally for the idea of the council collecting cardboard 
and plastic. The problem until now has been finding the £1m extra that 
it would cost each year.”

“Last month’s announcement by Eric Pickles of the £250m Fund appears
to be a Godsend. If we are successful with a bid then it would only 
need a modest contribution from Sefton Council’s own budget in order to 
introduce doorstep collections of cardboard and plastic.”
My colleague Simon Shaw has been driving forward our green agenda taking the lead in introducing cardboard and plastic recycling. The Southport Visiter reports this week:

“At my request officers have been preparing a report with a view to 
the Council submitting an initial expression of interest before the 
mid-March deadline. Of course there is no guarantee that we would be 
successful as the Government guidelines put an emphasis on supporting 
the re-introduction of weekly general waste collection."

“ However I understand that very few, if any, councils will be 
putting bids in on that basis, despite misleading national newspaper 
headlines. Accordingly I think there is every chance that Eric Pickles 
will end up widening the coverage of the scheme.”

“I hope local residents will support this plan – after all the 
Government Scheme is all about giving financial support to help councils
deliver what local people want.”

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