Friday, 2 March 2012

Dramatic budget move by Sefton Lib Dems

  • a 1% cut in the council tax
  • cut in councillors allowances
  • boundary commission review of number of councillors and wards 
  • early introduction of plastic a cardboard recycling
  • a balanced budget

In a statement before the Council meeting Lib Dem Leader Tony Robertson said:

 “The Liberal Democrat Group recognises the enormous financial pressures that face local residents. Many have seen their income frozen or their jobs under threat. That’s why we are calling for a cut of £12 in the level of Council Tax, equivalent to a 1% reduction. After years of council tax rises under Labour, this is a move in the right direction.”

“We also feel that councillors must take a lead in cutting our own costs. That is why we are proposing a cut in the level of senior councillor’s allowances. Many residents have asked whether Sefton needs 66 councillors, so we are also calling for the Boundary Commission to start a review into that issue.”

“Cardboard and plastic recycling is something that many people have called for. The problem is that it does cost money. If we are able to tap into part of the recently announced £250 million Government Fund then it only needs a modest contribution from Sefton Council’s own budget to introduce this.”

In addition the Lib Dems want to restore the cut of £27k that Labour made to the Tourism budget to fund the Tourist Information Service.

Many Southport people -including Lib Dems like John Dodd- have campaigned to keep the Fernery and other facilities open at the Botanic Gardens and we are delighted that has been reprieved.

We have worked constructively with other parties to find a way of lessening the impact of charges on sports clubs who use council facilities and are pleased Labour have budged a bit on this issue.

We have listened very carefully to what people have had to say about the budget in the borough and have tried hard to take their views into account. We believe that this is budget for the whole borough. It recognises the difficult circumstances that people find themselves in and tries to meet their needs in the best way available to us.

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