Tuesday, 28 February 2012

John Dodd speaks out on the Fernery

My colleague John Dodd has sent me a copy of a statement he has made about the Fernery in Botantic Gardens. I know John speaks for many people in the town on this issue-indeed over 2000 have signed a petition. I sincerely hope that this matter can be resolved. Her is John's statement

Lib Dem Cllr John Dodd has spoken out against Labour’s proposed budget cuts in funding for the Botanic Gardens aviary and fernery.

Cllr Dodd declared “Botanic Gardens is the jewel in Sefton’s crown. The fernery and aviary are two of the popular attractions that draw visitors to the Botanic Gardens and to Southport as a whole. It is outrageous that, due to further budget cuts, they will be forced to close. The road-train and boats were casualties of previous cuts and again, last year, the Botanic Gardens took another tremendous hit. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I vehemently support the retention of both the aviary and fernery. I will continue to campaign to this effect up to, and including Thursday, 1st March when Sefton Council’s budget meeting takes place at Bootle Town Hall. I simply cannot take a back seat and casually observe the brutal, continuous destruction of Southport‘s rich heritage”.


  1. I wonder if Cllr Dodd agrees with the Libdem/Tory coalition policy of devastating cuts to local govenment funding that are concentrated in the north? Of course it's outrageous that cuts of this magnitude have to be made, and the blame rests squarely with Eric Pickles and his Libdem/Tory cohorts for directing the cuts with precision unfairness.
    I don't see any suggestions from Cllr Dodd as to which council service should be cut instead.

  2. Well given the volume of cuts in the Alister Darling deficit programme are broadly similar to those achieved by the Coalition it is a challenge we all have. The answer is of course not to have got to this place. I guess that Labour lackof credibility with the public on economic policy is the reason that they have seldom got over the 40% mark in the polls. That is truly amazing for a party in opposition during a period of austerity.


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