Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Birkdale’s Lib Dem councillors have been working hard to try and minimise massive disruption expected in Birkdale Village from next week.

A £1 million scheme to rebuild the pedestrian subway under the railway line at Birkdale Station is due to start on Monday 5th December – just days before Christmas.

The project will mean that the present Liverpool Road entrance to the 90 space Birkdale station car park will be closed for 2 months to allow a site compound to be located next to the subway. 

Birkdale Lib Dem councillor Richard Hands has voiced his concern at the early December start date for the scheme in the heart of Birkdale Village.

“I am appalled that Network Rail have decided to start this project just before Christmas.  There was certainly no consultation with local councillors about this.  It is going to cause a lot of upset to residents and commuters.”

“What concerns me is that, after the town centre, Birkdale village is one of Southport’s premier shopping locations.  In these difficult times, it is vital that organisations like Network Rail don’t cause more disruption than they have to.”

In a letter to residents, Network Rail point out that “the entrance to the station car park will be closed for the duration of the works and access to the station car park will be locally diverted to the South entrance off Welbeck Road.”

Following representations from local residents Councillor Simon Shaw has been active in pressing the Council to introduce temporary double yellow lines in part of Welbeck Road.  Residents have been worried that commuters trying to access the temporary entrance to the station car park could cause gridlock.

“Richard and I recognise that residents in the area face a difficult two months or so.  That’s why I met with Network Rail and their contractors on site recently to discuss a number of concerns raised by people who live nearby,” said Cllr Shaw. 

“I asked the rail authorities whether there was any other option to the temporary closing of the present entrance to the car park.  However there really does seem to be no alternative.”

“There were also concerns about the safety of pedestrians using the footpath from Dover Road to the station who will now find cars entering or leaving the car park crossing their path.  Network Rail have agreed to erect safety barriers on the footpath.”

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