Thursday, 6 October 2011

Labour publish their cuts for Sefton

Labour publish their cuts for Sefton

Cllr Tony Robertson the Lib Dem Leader on Sefton Council said in response to the Labour led Council publishing a list of cut backs for consultation,

"It is local residents who now have to pick up the tab because the last Labour Government allowed the deficit to run out of control. They borrowed an eye watering £150 billion in their last year in office. Labour and their banking mates got us in this mess. 

Last year, when the Lib Dems led Sefton Council, Labour refused to behave responsibly and said that they would have made cuts in a completely different way.  Well, now is the public's chance to see what Labour's priorities are to cut.

This is Labour’s £25 million package of savings and it is very telling to see what they are willing to cut and what they want to save. They want to keep us paying for bin bags in Bootle while seeming happy to take millions of pounds out of services for children, elderly and the disabled."

The next wave of cuts will bring home to local people the depth of the damage done by Labour's years of spending money they hadn't got.  The kinds of cutbacks they are considering in road repairs seem too high.  And the Tourism Department must be saved: it is our lifeblood of the Southport and indeed Seftonwide economy. We need to encourage people to visit Southport as the money they spend benefits our local economy"

It better not be the start of a Labour budget for their Bootle heartlands with everywhere else suffering greater cuts."

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