Monday, 10 October 2011

Gladstone quiz

The deadline is long gone for you to enter the Gladstone Library's quiz-prize- free accommodation at St Deniol's as it used to be called. Nevertheless I'm sure there will be some readers who who wish to test their knowledge . The full quiz can be found here.

I should say that i have not kept the details of the quiz back to stop anyone entering. I only noticed it late on Friday. i do wonder if they had launched it in conjunction with Liberal History Group whether they would have spread their net a little wider.
Anyway just to get you started here are the first few questions

The Gladstone Quiz

1) The acronym G.O.M. for Grand Old Man was popularly applied to Gladstone. What was Disraeli’s interpretation of those letters?

Answer: _______________________________________________________________________

2) As a reversal of G.O.M. what did the initials M.O.G. stand for?

Answer: _______________________________________________________________________

3) Who painted a pair of distinguished portraits of Gladstone and Disraeli?

Answer: _______________________________________________________________________

4) When was Gladstone’s first ever Budget speech as Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Answer: _______________________________________________________________________

5) Whom did Gladstone refer to as being “in public the perfect Bismarck”?

Answer: _______________________________________________________________________

The rest are here. I would say that the prize would have been well worth winning. Peter Rainford whose blog charting his time in USA on a Churchill Fellowship has featured on this blog has chosen to write up his report at the Library .

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