Thursday, 29 September 2011

Southport Town Hall to fly the Lancashire flag

Southport Area Committee met last night-more of which later. One of the 20 odd questions from the public was put in by Geoff Carter. He asked whether the Lancashire flag could be flown from the Southport Town Hall to celebrate the victory of Lancashire County Cricket Club in the LV County Championship. This is the first time that Lancashire have won outright since 1934 

As Geoff pointed out all the Lancashire home games were played on the Lancs coast at Blackpool, Liverpool and Southport. The Southport match -held at S&B- was the best attended.

Dave Rimmer went on to describe just how good a cricketing year in these parts. S&B got promoted, Ainsdale in their centenary year topped their League and Fleetwood Hesketh topped theirs.

We were then read out a list of pettifogging rules about which flags could fly. It was unanimously agreed that we should ignore them and fly the flag ! Many thanks the Brian Birch who offered to pay for the flag,.

Dave Rimmer (Lib Dem) proposed the motion and Iain Brodie-Browne (Lib Dem) seconded it.

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