Monday, 12 September 2011

Kemp asks Pickles -things must be bad

Richard Kemp has written to his old pal Eric Pickles asking him to turn his attention to Mark Dowd and the one party state that is Merseytravel. The Daily Post has the story:

You may find it surprising that I am writing to you asking you to intervene in the running of a quasi-local authority,” Cllr Kemp wrote to Mr Pickles.
“However, I have always believed that the Secretary of State needs to be the final back stop in case of problem authorities.
“I believe that The Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority is one such authority.”
Cllr Dowd used the credit card to fund his attendance at Labour Party conferences, theatre tickets and tickets to the famous Alcatraz prison while on a trip to the USA

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More to follow -more revelations expected shortly

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