Friday, 3 June 2011

The gift of books

Murder in Samarkand by craig-murray

Back to the Disgruntled Radical's birthday party because some of you have asked about Craig Murray's book 'Murder in Samarkand' which was the chosen book for erstwhile Merseyside Euro MP Richard Corbett and Farnborough Rd old boy. Well for those of you who missed the events I have put a link (above) to the radio play that the BBC made based on Craig's book. It was written by David Hare who so annoyed another guest Jonathon Calder last week. Craig is played by David Tennant .

I see in Craig's posting reporting the party that he gave David Grace a copy of Kropotkin's  'Mutual Aid' as a present. I have written about Kropotkin before and noted the influence he had on Liberals particularly in the early 20 century and again on the Young Liberal Red Guard of the 60's and 70's-a generation to which most of the party goers last week belong. (For those interested there is an article by Alison Holmes in the Liberal History Journal edition 55-available as a download here)

Any do listen to the play

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