Sunday, 24 April 2011

Market disaster

Almost all Southport Councillors are opposed to the plans for Southport market. Why? Well most of us feel that the business plan is not robust. We have said time and again the level of rents that will be needed to be charged will force out the people we want to see in the market. There will be no viable place for start ups or those wanting to sell local produce. Locally folk have begun describing it as 'Harrods style food hall'

The Visiter carries a story this week that confirms our often expressed fears:

TRADERS at Southport Indoor Market say they are being forced out of the rebuilt £3m shopping hall through “excessive” rent hikes.
Butcher Roger Hughes, whose self-named stall has been a fixture in the historic King Street hall for 24 years, is set to quit after being faced with increases of more than 300%.
Independent consultants Quarterbridge, who are overseeing the management of the new market, told stunned Roger that his yearly £6,000 rent will rise to £20,000.
The butcher says he will leave within the next four months and work part-time for another firm.

Of the 21 Councillors in Southport 19 have expressed their opposition. Only 2 favour this grandiose extravagance. The Official Conservatives have got together to vote through an multi million pound development in Bootle and the Market. As one Labour Councillor said that was 'the deal'. The majority of those elected as Conservatives oppose it. 

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