Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Further details on Labour’s 29% Council Tax Rise Plan

Earlier this week I reported on the investigation by Birkdale’s Councillor Simon Shaw into the true cost of Labour’s irresponsibility on Sefton Council.

As promised, Simon has provided further details to explain how, under Labour, Sefton’s Band D Council Tax would rise from £1477.68 to £1904.78 – a rise of 29%.

Below is a spreadsheet which shows how the 29% Labour increase is arrived at.

This is all based on Council meeting minutes over the last 6 months, details of which can be found as follows:

September 2010 Cabinet: £2.5
Ratified at Council Meeting 2.9.10, Minute 32 – all party agreement

October 2010 Cabinet: £2.3m
November 2010 Cabinet: £5.0m
December 2010 Cabinet: £16.8m
All subject to ratification at Council Meeting 16.12.10. 
Minute 58 records 8 Labour amendments attempting to remove individual savings (all defeated), culminating in a recorded vote with Labour opposing parts 3 – 6 and 8 – 11 of the resolution (Note: parts 1, 2 & 7 of the resolution did not relate to savings)

January 2011 Cabinet: £15.6m

Subject to ratification at Council Meeting 27.1.11.
·         Minute 68 shows a recorded vote with Labour opposing parts 2 – 4 of the resolution (Note: parts 1 & 5 – 8 of the resolution do not relate to savings)
·         Minute 69 shows a recorded vote with Labour not opposing part 1 (a saving of £0.7m re Economic Development) but opposing parts 2 – 6 of the resolution (Note: part 7 of the resolution does not relate to savings)
·         In addition, Labour have made clear (verbally) that the support the saving of £4.2m from PCTs referred to in Paras 3.1 & 3.2 of the Report to Cabinet & Council

March 2011 Cabinet: £2.0m

Subject to ratification at Council Meeting 3.3.11
The final £2.0m is the “Savings Gap Remaining” referred to in Para 1.2 on Page 152 of the above document (Item 12c: Final Revenue Budget Options 2011/12).
Labour voted against this at the Council Meeting.

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