Saturday, 19 March 2011

Birkdale Beer and Bangers

As we start the campaign for the local elections and the AV referendum it is traditional that we have a party or two. It is rather like pancake day at the beginning of Lent. First up there Quiz next Friday organised by Kew Ward which is followed on the Saturday by  a coffee morning  in Ainsdale . Also on that day is the Crocus Walk through Hestketh Park organised by our friends in Cambridge Ward.

Here in Birkdale we have our Beer and Bangers event with CAMRA award winning ale from the Southport Brewery and sausages from Robert Tear the Birkdale Butcher. There will of course be wine and soft drinks as well as vegetarian alternatives.
1st April  starting at 8pm please contact me for further details:

Now there is another Brewery in Sefton down in Bootle called the Liverpool Organic Brewery. I came across one of their bottled beers recently.
The local hero depicted on this bottle is Kitty Williamson-she also appears on a stained glass window on the entrance to the Lady Chapel in Liverpool Cathedral. Lib Dem Councillor Flo Clucas is one of those who has campaigned for a statue of Kitty to be erected in the City  She opened the first public wash house in the country on Upper Frederick Street in 1842 and cleaned thousands of clothes during the cholera epidemic. Ms Wilkinson arrived destitute in Liverpool in 1794. She had set sail with her family from Derry in Ireland.

As they reached the shores of the city, their tiny boat floundered in the waves and her father and sister were swept away.
 Kitty Wilkinson's story is one of unbelievable determination, courage and selflessness 
Councillor Flo Clucas
Despite the tragedy, the Saint of the Slums went on to save hundreds, particularly through the cholera epidemic.
She pioneered the public wash house movement which gave poor people somewhere to clean their clothes.

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