Friday, 4 February 2011

Southport Tories in turmoil over vote boycott

The Southport Visiter has the story today that we broke a few days ago:

DOZENS of Conservative activists boycotted a crunch meeting to select a new election candidate following the suspension of two stalwart Southport councillors.
Just 11 members of the 100-strong Dukes Ward committee attended Friday’s key vote to select a challenger to incumbent Labour man Les Byrom.
The Visiter understands that of the two candidates selected by Southport Conservative Association, Pat Ball, well known in the town’s amateur dramatics circles, received eight votes.
Three members in attendance abstained, with second candidate Tony Crabtree receiving no support. It is understood that many consider Mrs Ball’s candidacy to have “no validity”.
Veteran Dukes Ward councillors Sir Ron Watson and David Pearson were both handed six-month suspensions last month for an alleged “refusal to accept authority”.
It is understood that several members of Dukes Ward have quit in protest at a perceived harsh treatment.
They include Lady Lesley Watson.....

I can't help thinking that when the reckoning comes it will be very bloody

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