Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oiy Eon we've had cavity walls since the C19th

I finally got round to filling in my energy suppliers application form for cavity wall insulation on line yesterday. One of the questions was 'in what year was your house built'. I live in an inter-war house built around 1928. Immediately my form was rejected on the grounds that it was too old to have cavity walls. Now this is poppy-cock. During a campaign we ran in Birkdale last year to increase the take up of insulation I learnt that in Southport we have had cavity walls since the 1880's. For some unknown reason Southport builders introduced this innovation fully 50yrs before in was common place in the rest of the country. Initially many applications for cavity were reject outright because the larger national firms were unaware of the situation but local builders soon cottoned on an many of the Victorian homes in our ward took up the chance of cavity wall insulation. Sadly the information does not seem to have been stored on the Eon data base.

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