Tuesday, 1 February 2011

More disintergration in Southport Tories

News of another high profile resignation from Southport Tories and details of a very sorry saga over candidate in Dukes ward have been confirmed today. Firstly the resignation; Lady Lesley Watson we understand has handed in her membership. Like the others in this mess she is a loyal and longtime Tory who comes of a loyal and longterm Tory family and what is more I guess she would be more than capable of explaining what a Tory believes in-which some would say sets her apart from some.

I now understand that the executive intervened heavy handedly and imposed on the ward a choice of two candidates-the taxi driver Mr Crabtree and bussiness women Pat Ball. The most impressive of recent Tory candidates Jamie Halsall was kept off the list and I have been told he has been suspended as a Tory candidate.

Only a handful of the diminishing Tory members turned up -I understand the branch cannot find folk to fill  most of the officers posts. Of those who did turn up 2/3 abstained and only slightly more voted for Mrs Ball.

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