Thursday, 6 January 2011

Southport Area Committee endorses Simon’s Report on “Gritting Mayhem” and agrees to fund new snow plough

My blog on yesterday’s Southport area committee referred to the work done by my Birkdale Ward colleague Simon Shaw.  As I have reported before, Simon really did seize the initiative over Southport’s snow and gritting problems.  Immediately after Christmas Simon led a team of councillors from across Southport to meet with senior Council officers to discuss widespread concerns over gritting and the clearance of snow. 

Subsequent to that meeting Simon has been busy preparing a report saying where he and the other councillors consider that the Council went wrong, and how it could do better in the future.  Simon’s report can be read here and is now on our website.

At the conclusion of yesterday’s meeting the Southport area committee formally endorsed Simon’s report.  This included the recommendation that, if funding could not be found elsewhere, the Southport area committee would be willing to fund an additional snow ploughs attachment to add to the three that the Council already has.

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